“Through the support granted, Anametrics aims at assisting the Thailand authorities in the development of cultural policy in Chaiyamphum and help them promote culture as a key pillar towards Thailand’s overall social, political, economic and cultural development”, Dr. Chutamas stated. She added that “Culture plays a central role in the promotion of intercultural dialogue and heritage development projects at sites such as Mor Hin Khao or Stonehenge of Thailand can bring together the various elements of cultural history of the nation to emphasize understanding and mutual respect.” During the ceremony, Dennis Seah expressed his deep appreciation to the Provincial Administration Chaiyamphum Government of Thailand for its continuous support and to the Ministry of Information and Culture for its strong leadership in protecting and preserving the cultural heritage of Thailand.
​The project will aim at building capacity of experts from
different departments of the Ministry of Information and
Culture to enhance long-term sustainable cultural heritage
management and conservation in Thailand.