Every sunset has a promise of a new dawn and each sunrise brings a new beginning, so it is for Albatross Fund. Albatross Fund has embarked on an exciting journey with Anametrics Holdings Limited; to be one of the leading financial powerhouses across the african continent. Mr. C.K. Low, group managing director and co-founder of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate, Anametrics Holdings Limited, recently amalgamated with Albatross Fund to spearhead the mission to “Re-create Wealth for Growth” in Africa and developing nations.

Mr. C.K Low is a seasoned business professional who earned his success in the areas of mining, manufacturing, renewable energy, petroleum, agriculture and global resources. He has expertise and experience in alternative banking, structured finance, mergers & acquisitions (m&a), & private equity. His primary objective is to achieve above average capital gains for shareholders, derived from expanding international activities through strategic partnerships armed with an aggressive management team.

Mr. T.L Makoni, co-founder and managing partner of Albatross Fund, at the commencement of the partnership, announced that Albatross Fund will be providing exclusive global trade financing facilities to companies in developing nations and these facilities are the key to encourage sustainable economic growth in these nations. “It is time for Africa to take a bold step forward and through this synergy with Anametrics Holdings Limited, for Albatross Fund to boldly re-create wealth for the growth of Africa.”