IMT-GT 22nd ministerial meetings, 4th ministerial retreat, 23rd senior officials’ and 13th chief ministers & governors’ forum.

PHANG NGA, THAILAND 20-24TH September, 2016 – Anametrics created historic commercial undertaking during the inaugurated IMT-GT ministerial meeting by offering a flexible trade finance program tailor-made specifically for IMT-GT SMEs. IMT-GT SMEs will also be given a new packaging by having its businesses consolidated under a proprietary platform using algorithmic values to rate itself or better known as “IBB Business Risk Rating”. ATF Bancor LLP was set up to spearhead the Trade Financing activities by appointing Authorised Representatives (AR) in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Officials of IMT-GT witnessed the appointments at Phang Nga, Thailand. The current IMT-GT initiative is a strategic collaboration with Anametrics Holdings Limited (

The ultimate goal is to establish a regional boutique bank, to provide bridging for the SMEs. Anametrics Holdings will mitigate the risks factors through its own in-house KYC (Know Your Customer) and risk finance solutions. The key differentiation is Anametrics looks at the core of the SME businesses rather than taking a neutral stand on business potentials and the multiple hurdles of standard KYC practices.

Dr. Steven Hensen presenting in front state leaders and government officials about ATF and Risk

While the global economy continues to face a certain level of uncertainties, ASEAN economies have demonstrated a high degree of resilience. The ASEAN economies have benefitted from the efforts for more than a decade to strengthen the foundations of its own economies and financial systems. This potential is now further enhanced by steps to intensify regional economic and financial integration by Anametrics committing to a USD 900 million in Trade Finance facilities for IMT-GT SMEs. “The amount of Trade Facility will be reviewed from time to time and increased when necessary”, said Dr. Steven Hensen, Chairman of Anametrics Holdings Limited.

Mr. CK Low (Seated on the Left), Dr. Steven Hensen (Center), Mr. Ng Eng Keong (Right) with Representatives from IMT-GT, and Participants

The 13th chief ministers & governors’ forum was also presented about the need for a new hybrid risk finance solutions. IBB Business Risk Rating is a comprehensive and independent third-party evaluation and comprehensive assessment of the overall conditions of SMEs developed by IBB International Holdings Limited. It takes into account the financial position and several qualitative parameters of the SME that have a bearing on the creditworthiness of the entity. Adequate credit flow to SMEs helps in driving the overall growth of the economy. It also serves as a tool for self-evaluation and improvement.